1.The industrial stove and oven

From the above name you will realise that the industrial stove and oven offers the double equipment for kitchen use. However, it is paramount that when you use these machines, you observe strict safety measures. Here are some of the listed things you need to do.

  • Always remove remaining food particles since they can ignite and cause a kitchen fire.
  • Customise the kitchen by adapting a kid-free-zone in the location of the appliance.
  • After use, make sure you smell for gas leaks and if any you open the windows and leave the room
  • Always position the oven burners during preheating
  • keep the oven doors closed after removing the food.

2. Commercial combi oven

A commercial combi oven is largely used for business purposes. With this in mind, you know that often they are kept busy every single day. For a machine to work daily with no issues, you have to monitor it closely and look for signs that may cause possible problems. Some of the ways to maintain these are:

  • proper positioning of the oven racks for the intended use of pans.
  • make sure that the water supply is on
  • Modify the temperature according the food in preparation
  • insert the meat probe in the thickest section of the product

3.Industrial rice cooker

Remember that there is a difference between the industrial cooker. The industrial rice cooker specifically meant for rice cooking. The maintenance of these appliances may vary and here are some guidelines of the industrial rice cooker.

  • Fill water to the instructed point. For assurances, there are measuring cups
  • clean the cooker to avoid odour and corrosion
  • Avoid touching the exterior surface when cooking
  • Leaving foods for longer periods in the appliance results in bacterial growth. However, this applies also to the industrial cooker.

4.Cook chill machine

Most of the establishments in the food industry, prefer the cook chill machine. It is convenient in the large scale use. See why how you can make it work.

  • Only put in fresh material as you know a bad product can not improve refrigeration and longer cooking. The appliance uses the same guideline regulations as the cook quench machine. The only difference is that this machine uses water.
  • handle the food at a minimum and always position right as the chilling process starts immediately.
  • observe proper hygiene when preparing the food to avoid contamination.